Friday, March 23, 2007

For The Ages: ScreenGrab Posts (3/4/07 - 3/10/07)

After last week's frenzy of posts, things slow way down as the reality of Laura Mae takes hold. This week, I only have one solo post, a personal history of the Watchmen movie. Watchmen is my favorite book of all time, and I've been watching the progress (and non-progress) of this project for nearly twenty years; now that it looks like Zack Snyder is going to do it for realsies, it seemed like a good opportunity to ponder over the various versions that were never to be.

Also, ScreenGrab ran the Top 10 Most Dangerous Films of All Time; I contributed to the write-up on Orson Welles' It's All True.


Steve said...

Just wanted to letcha know: I was at I-CON over the weekend at the behest of my significant other. Perusing the booths in search of interesting bootleg videos (Star Wars Holiday Special, motherfucker), I ran across a comic booth. Staring at me, daring me to buy it, was the paperback version of Watchmen. I figured, hey, I've got twenty bucks, I've never read a graphic novel, why not start here or something.

A little over twenty-four hours later, I've burned through the first five chapters. If I didn't work an eleven-hour day today, I'd probably have finished it already. All I can say is: Holy mother of God. Just... wow.

Kza said...

Ah, Chapter Five -- one of the best endings of a comic, ever. Now, imagine you're 14 and you have to wait a month for Chapter Six.

And then Chapter Six blows you away like nothing you've ever read or seen, ever.

As much as I want you to savor it, hurry up and finish -- the perennial internet game, "Who Do You Cast in the Watchmen Movie?" is about to end forever.

Steve said...

I think the finale to Chapter Five is what makes me fear a Zack Snyder Watchmen -- do you really want to see Rorschach's desperate attempt at escape scored to nu-metal?