Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Muriel Awards are Coming! The Werewolves are Here!

But enough about that small-time Onion thing. The real deal is upon us -- The Muriel Awards. The Muriels are run by one Paul Clark, a former mob hitman and commodities trader who, after a fateful screening of Jules et Jim, traded it all away for the life of a cinephile. Now he roams the internet, extolling the virtues of foreign cinema and There Will Be Blood, conquering the planet one convert at a time.

Oh, and the Muriels -- simply the best year-end poll not named after a Canadian screenwriter. Actually, better, because I'm involved. The fun begins February 13th, in honor of my daughter's birthday, over at Paul's site, Silly Hats Only. I'll be introducing this year's winner of the Best Body of Work, as well as a few words on my more... unusual nominees.

So: Muriel Awards. 2007. February 13th. Be there. Or be octagonal.


Paul C. said...

Perhaps you should explain that the reason Jules et Jim changed my life was because I found it to be so overrated compared to its rep that I (a) had to write about it, and (b) felt obsessed with finding lesser-known movies that were more deserving of the love it got.

Also, don't know how it slipped my mind that Laura Mae's birth coincided with the first Muriels. Heck, her birthday is the day after mine, which is pretty awesome.

Paul C. said...

BTW- the movie you reference has a sweet-ass trailer. Not quite Werewolves on Wheels caliber, but whatchagonnadoo.