Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"The Watchman" Debuts!

(Well, it actually debuted two weeks ago a couple months ago, but I've been busy.)

In case you read this blog and don't follow me on Twitter (and if so -- who are you?), I've been hired on at the new comic book site Comixology to cover comic book-related movies, TV shows and DVDs.  It's called The Watchman, and I'm pretty damn excited about it -- not to mention it gives me an excuse to actually get out and see stuff in the theater for once, dammit.  

Here's what's gone up, and what's coming in the next couple months [UPDATED 7/27/08]:  

3/19 The Story of a Return (a look at Persepolis, the comic and the movie)

4/2 Slouching Towards Metropolis (The DTV Justice League: The New Frontier)

4/16 Joey, Do You Like Movies About Superheroes? (Superhero Movie and four-color comedy; this should've been on 4/2, but I fucked up.)

5/7  He's So Money (The Iron Man movie)

5/12 He Ain't Heavy, He's Racer X (Speed Racer; first-run movies are now going up immediately on the Monday after their debut.)

6/2 The Paperback DVD Supplement (The Fountain + Southland Tales)

6/16 Anger Management (The Incredible Hulk)

7/14 Feeling Bullish (Hellboy II: The Golden Army)

7/26 Windows on the World (The Dark Knight)

And of course, I'll be covering the other big superhero movies, like The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II, and Hancock [UPDATE 7/27/08: Done, except for Hancock, which'll likely be posted when the DVD arrives.]  Also, near the end of the year, I'll have columns up covering the filmed work of Daniel Clowes, Frank Miller (keyed to The Spirit), and Alan Moore (keyed to Watchmen, natch).  

So please head over there and give 'em a read, and poke around the main site, too.  Tell 'em the Dingus sent ya.  

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